Christmas Freebies When You Spend £30 Or More!

Seeing as it’s the season of giving, we wanted to give back to all of our amazing customers by giving you a little extra something in your basket this Christmas!

We’ve picked six designs to give away on our Beanie, Standard T-shirt, and Standard Hoodie – how much you spend determines how much free stuff you get. Spends of £30 and over get you a free beanie, £65 & over gets you a free beanie and t-shirt, and £100 & over gets you a free beanie, t-shirt, and hoodie. You can choose from any of the designs below for each garment.

It’s simple – add the items you want to buy to your basket, then at checkout you’ll get to choose which design and size garment you’d like to receive.

Three Eyed Crow beanieGhost Eyes beanie80s Arcade Sign t-shirtGold Starfleet Badge t-shirt




Uchiha Family hoodieAtom hoodie

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NEW Baby Grows: Clothing for the next generation…

You may have noticed a new addition to our product range over the last few months, which is perfect if you yourself have recently welcomed a new addition to your family! You can now make sure your little one is dressed in their geeky best in our new Baby Grows, which are available in a range of colours and ages, from birth to 18-24 months*.

We’ve made some of our popular existing designs available so you can start their geek education early…

Dragonborn baby growGold Starfleet Badge baby grow

Sith Happens baby grow










…and also made some brand new designs to help give mini-geeks a head-start at nursery…

Twinkle Twinkle Death Star baby growIncy Wincy Spiderman baby growHickory Dickory Doctor baby grow










…and of course we couldn’t forget the future RPGers!

Level 1 RPG baby grows


Our baby grows also make great gifts for geeky parents-to-be, so if any of your friends are expecting – we’ve got you covered!

We’ll be adding to our Baby Grow category over the coming months, but for now you can see the full current range here!

*Contrast Trim baby grows are only available in 0-3m, 3-6m, and 6-12m.
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Game Of Thrones Season 7 Winter Is Here!!!

The Night King

Image by HBO

Winter is most certainly here and if the Season 7 opening episode showed us anything it is that Westeros is in serious danger. We started the new season with Arya Stark finally exacting her revenge against the remaining Frey’s for the deaths of her family at the Red Wedding. In what seemed a fitting end she poisoned all of Frey’s men with flagons of poisoned wine.

The Impending Battle

Elsewhere we get a shot of a deserted barren ice land which can only mean one thing you guessed it White Walkers. Led by the nightmare that is the Night King, we witness his army continuing to march towards the wall and discover that he also possesses the power of White Walker giants. This spells nothing but bad news for all the inhabitants of Westeros.

Giant White Walker

Image by HBO

We also see an appearance from the dastardly Euron Greyjoy who Cersei is trying to recruit in order to boost there dwindling number. Little does she know Euron is looking for the hand of a queen in marriage, his proposal however is declined and Cersei questions his loyalty. He responds to this by promising Cersei a wonderful gift and leaving, he is clearly looking to deliver her something big maybe in the form of Tyrion’s head.

Euron Greyjoy

Image by HBO

We see Jon assembling forces in the north and stressing that dragon glass is now more important than gold, he informs his troops that they must find as much as is humanly possible so that they are ready for when the White Walkers attack. At this point Sansa also makes him acutely aware that in focusing all his efforts on the undead army to the north he has forgotten about his very real enemy in the south. A point not lost on the former Lord Commander who is all to aware of the threat of Cersei Lannister.

Jon Snow

Image by HBO


Overall the pacing to this episode felt really good and we are starting to see how all the pieces on the chessboard are lining up for the war to come. With Arya having dealt with the Frey’s she now has Cersei dead in her sights, however she has plans of her own with the recruitment of  Euron Greyjoy and his fleet. The White Walker assault on the wall appears to be ever closer with the army of the dead growing bigger by the day. With Daenerys now landing in Dragonstone her birthplace, the wheels are in motion for her invasion of Kings Landing and Jon is amassing all the forces available to him and collecting dragon glass ready for the White Walker invasion. This all points to an enthralling season ahead with twists and turns aplenty in the battle for the Iron Throne.

During the course of  Game Of Thrones Season 7 we will be releasing a new design each week starting with our Winter Came For House Frey design. You can also access our whole range of Game Of Thrones merchandise here.

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Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power

Tournament of Power Goku vs Jiren

Image by jaredsongohan

So the Tournament of Power has begun and it has been going at a break neck pace that will become more action packed the further we get into this arc. We have already had a couple of casualties from two universes taking part and we are only a minute in, so let’s take a look into what has happened so far.

As mentioned,  we have had our first two competitors eliminated from the tournament. We have lost Lilibeu from Universe 10 an expert in aerial combat and aura control, but a character who loses her concentration easily, she was overwhelmed by a pair of Shining Blaster attacks from Basil of Universe 9  and became the first fighter to be eliminated.

The Tournament of Power Lilibeu-Universe-10

Image by Toei Animation and Funimation

We then saw Universe 4’s Nink eliminated from the tournament in emphatic style when he went up against Goku. He seemed to hold his own against Goku in his base form, holding the saiyan in a bear hug and taking a few punches to the face. However once he dragged Goku towards the edge of the ring Goku powered up to Super Saiyan Blue and easily eliminated Nink, knocking him out of the ring with just his energy much to the annoyance of Universe 4’s God Of Destruction Quitela.

The Tournament of Power Nink-Universe-4

Image by Toei Animation and Funimation

Basil of Universe 9 has featured quite heavily in the fighting so far having eliminated Lilibeu from the tournament. He also came up against Napapa from Universe 10, better known as The Magician of the Ring Verge, he resembles a sumo wrestler and has incredibly robust lower arms and fists similar to Toppo of Universe 11. Basil fires three consecutive Shining Blasters at Napapa, who appears to be in trouble struggling to handle the blasts resulting in him being pushed to the very edge of the fighting stage. It is at this point he shows his exceptional battle strength and throws the three blasts from the ring using one arm while shouting “Doskoi”

The Tournament of Power Napapa Universe 10

Image by Toei Animation and Funimation


The plan Gohan has come up with for Universe 7 before the tournament seems to have been scrapped for at least half of the team. As once the tournament starts Goku, Vegeta ,Android 17 ,Android 18 and Frieza all abandon the plan and fly off  to fight there own battles almost ending in Goku’s early elimination. The rest of Universe 7 are surrounded by fighters from other universes and stick to Gohan’s plan of protecting each others backs. Despite this even a barrage of attacks from Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien and Master Roshi, are not enough to move the enemy. The remaining  Universe 7 fighters are still surrounded and our heroes appear to be in deep trouble.

The Tournament of Power Z-fighters-surrounded

Image by Toei Animation and Funimation

In Summary

In conclusion I thought this was a really good opening to the Tournament of Power and this first clash of the eight universe’s taking part has surely whetted the appetite for the furious action to follow. It is already showing what a struggle it is going to be for Universe 7 to emerge victorious but it is going to be incredible to watch it all unfold. Below is the trailer for next week’s episode and gives a sneak peak into what looks to be Goku and Vegeta vs all the entrants from Universe 9, which looks to once again force the Z fighters backs against the wall and results in Goku and Vegeta turning into to Super Saiyan’s to survive the onslaught from Universe 9.

If you love a bit of Dragon Ball check out our latest range of Dragon Ball products!!!!!!

Majins muffins premium womens t-shirtBuu You Gonna Call t-shirt








This Isn't Even My Final Form classic womens t-shirt

I'm Just Saiyan hoodie

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Unravelling the Alien and Prometheus sequels talk


In 2015, we have been drip-fed a wild array of sound-bytes, half-quotes and teaser articles about the Alien series of movies, Prometheus prequel trilogy, and possible future instalments.  At times it has been hard to keep up, and so we thought we’d take a look at the history of the franchise in order to put some of the comments in context and try to make some sort of sense from the assortment of recent news articles.

The Original Alien Quadrilogy

Fans of the Alien franchise have had a bumpy journey since the release of Ridley Scott’s original suspense-horror-sci-fi  movie Alien in 1979.

aliensJames Cameron’s action flick sequel, Aliens, which came seven years later, was quite a departure from the feel of the original, yet had so many merits, both as a standalone movie  and as an extension of the storyline, that it expanded the franchise without alienating existing fans (no pun intended).  The Alien series had become one of the very few movie franchises ever created from which genuine debates could happen over which of the movies was the “better” of the two.

Seaham beach, Co. DurhamIn 1992, a further six years later, David Fincher’s third installment, Alien3 was destined to split opinion.  Returning to the suspense and defenseless hopelessness of the original Alien movie, and even filming outdoor portions of the movie on the beaches of Seaham in Ridley Scott’s native north-east England, Alien3 was a clear hat-tip to Scott, and a roadsign for further additions to the franchise that the series was about suspense, horror and sci-fi, and that any resemblance Aliens had to an action movie was purely circumstantial in the grand scheme of things.

While the theatrical release of Alien3 was almost universally panned, even by Fincher himself who has disowned the movie, the 2003 “Assembly Cut” featuring more than 37 minutes of restored footage that was created without further involvement from Fincher, has gradually begun to win fans back since its inclusion on the 9-disc Alien Quadrilogy DVD box set.

alien 3The “Assembly Cut” of Alien3 gained so much attention that the actors were invited back to rerecord the audio for the re-introduced scenes for the release of the Alien Anthology BluRay boxset in 2010.   In the Quadrilogy box-set version of Assembly, the “new” scenes had noticeably poorer audio quality than the rest of the movie, having originally been cut from the theatrical release before ADR overdubs had even been recorded for those scenes.

The fourth movie in the series, Alien: Resurrection, penned by Buffyverse/Firefly creator Joss Whedon and directed by Jean-Pierre “Delicatessen” Jeunet, was largely a disappointment to fans of the franchise, fans of Whedon, and fans of Jeunet alike.

Although the box office takings remained as high as previous movies in the franchise (not taking inflation into account), Resurrection had been the most expensive movie in the series to produce to date, costing between $60m and $75m to make, and making around $160m from the box office.

Prometheus And The Prequel Trilogy

prometheus surgeryWhen it was announced that Ridley Scott himself would be returning to create a prequel trilogy, fans of the franchise rejoiced.  Finally the series would be returned to the hands of the creator of the original vision, and we would see the worthy addition to the Alien franchise that many fans had been waiting for since 1979.

Instead we got Prometheus, a visually-stunning movie, packed to the brim with wooden acting, bad science and irrational behaviour from the protagonists (scientists thinking it’s a good idea to reach out and touch the alien creature they’ve just discovered, the “I’m going to perform surgery on my own midriff and then go for a run” scenes, not to mention the final brief conversation between the aforementioned self-sewn-up-athlete and the ship’s captain… “Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but I need you to kill yourself to save Earth.  Sound good?  You’re in?  Cool!  I’m off now, see ya!  Good luck!”)

If Alien was Aliens vs Space Truckers, Aliens was Aliens vs Space Marines, Alien3 was Aliens vs Convicts, and Alien: Resurrection was Aliens vs Firefly (5 years before Firefly existed), Prometheus was surely Aliens vs Idiots.

Prometheus cost almost as much to make as the entire four-movie Alien franchise preceding it combined, and somehow, presumably riding the hype of Scott’s return to the series, it managed to take in over $400m at the box office despite the movie’s many flaws.

News, soundbytes, contradictions, retractions, amendments

When he began work on Prometheus, Scott had planned to make a trilogy of prequels to the franchise, which were intended to explain why the xenomorphs had been created, and who the “space-jockey” of the original Alien movie was.

ridley scottEarlier this year, while Ridley Scott was still working on The Martian, he revealed that Prometheus 2 would be the next movie in his schedule.

Around the same time it was announced that District 9, Elysium, and Chappie creator, Neill Blomkamp would be directing a fifth installment of the original Alien series.

Fans of the lucrative franchise would be treated to not one but two new additions to the Alien franchise within the next few years.

neill blomkampThe initial soundbytes from the Blomkamp camp that were reported in sensationalist pseudo-news blog articles around the world were that Blomkamp was planning to dismiss the third and fourth movies entirely to create a new “Alien 3”, a view seemingly reinforced by the announcements that Sigourney Weaver and Michael Biehn (Hicks in Aliens) had already been signed on to be in the movie.

Even The Guardian reported that Blomkamp told them personally that he “would “categorically” rule out any return for the cloned version of Ripley, further hinting that the new film will ignore later Alien instalments”, but failed to provide an actual quote from Blomkamp to that effect, and failed to mention whether other cloned versions of Ripley might be a possibility now that he’d ruled out bringing back “the” cloned version from Alien: Resurrection.

Shortly afterwards, in an interview with AlloCiné (YouTube video below), Blomkamp was quick to quash that line of thinking, stating “My favourites are the first two movies, so I wanna make a film that’s connected to Alien and Aliens – that’s my goal.  I’m not trying to undo Alien 3 or Alien: Resurrection – I just want it to be connected to Alien 1 and 2″.


Ridley Scott scored a direct hit on the jaw of the marketing machine earlier this month when his offhand comment about his overall plan to join together the Prometheus and Alien franchises went viral.

Scott explained how the xenomorphs won’t appear in Prometheus 2, maybe not even in Prometheus 3, and that we may need to wait for Prometheus 4 to find out the answers to the questions he had intended to answer with the prequel “trilogy”.

The next piece of news to surface was that Ridley Scott had revealed the name of the second Prometheus movie.  The name is… “Alien: Paradise Lost“.

Parallels between the first Prometheus movie and Milton’s Paradise Lost have long been reported and so the latter half of the title is little surprise, but to suddenly jettison the Prometheus name in order to make an Alien movie that won’t even contain xenomorphs seems like a radical sidestep to his original plan, particularly now that he seems to want to create three new movies to fit between Prometheus and Alien in the series.

Given the scientific and behavioural criticisms of Prometheus, it would be easy to speculate that Ridley Scott had taken onboard the idea of distancing himself from certain movies in the franchise, and chosen the Alien branding for the next movie rather than the Prometheus name in order to win back fans of the original series who were less enthused by the first prequel.

On hold, delays… or… maybe not

Next we heard from a number of news sources that Alien 5 had been put on hold, a rumour quickly stifled by Blompkamp himself, although with Scott being an executive producer on Alien 5, and director on Alien: Paradise Lost, it does seem feasible that Scott might want to concentrate on completing Alien: Paradise Lost before moving onto Alien 5.

While some recent blog-slash-news articles warn of the possiblity that the combination of the selection of title Alien: Paradise Lost along with the addition of a fourth prequel movie might spell the end of the line for Blomkamp’s Alien 5, Blomkamp himself has remained upbeat on his Twitter feed…

blomkamp twitter

blomkamp twitter 2



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Gaming Mats: Durability, Storage, Care and Repairs

X-Wing on Something Geeky space gaming mat

How durable are our Something Geeky gaming mats?

After we started making these space gaming mats, we wanted to perform an experiment to see how durable they are, and so we deliberately stored two of our 3×3 feet Asteroid Belt gaming mats “badly” to see how they fared.

Instead of storing the gaming mats with the image facing outwards like we recommend, (so that when you unroll them, the natural curve is towards the table which helps it to grip the table), we rolled them up with the image on the inside (so that they would naturally curl away from the table when unrolled), and instead of allowing it the space to “breathe”, we rolled the gaming mats up as tightly as we could, put a couple of tight elastic bands around the middle of them.

We then stacked a couple of boxes on top of the gaming mats as if they had been thrown into a wardrobe and forgotten, and left them there for around two months.

When we eventually retrieved them, as predicted the gaming mats were naturally trying to roll themselves back up, due to the curve now being away from the table rather than towards it.

In addition, the tight elastic bands and the addition of the stacked boxes on top had introduced grooves and slight scrunches into the shape of the material.



How to get rid of wrinkles from PVC gaming mats

We then tightly rolled the gaming mats back up the correct way round, with the images on the outside, and squeezed them roughly up and down their length for a few minutes in an attempt to tease out the crinkles and get the mats curving back towards the table instead of away from it.

X-Wing on Something Geeky space gaming mat

After only a few minutes, the gaming mats were flat enough to be usable for a game, although it was still possible to see the wrinkles from where the boxes had been stacked on top of them and the scrunches around the middle where the elastic bands had been.

X-Wing on Something Geeky space gaming mat


We wondered whether it would be possible to get rid of the wrinkles from the gaming mat completely by ironing them out, and so we decided to give it a try.

We didn’t have an iron in the factory unfortunately, so we decided to use one of our t-shirt presses that we use to cure the ink on our freshly-printed t-shirts.  These presses are essentially a rectangular ironing board and iron in a single device, where both the iron and the ironing board are the same size and shape, with a lever that allows you to press the “iron” half down onto the “ironing board” half.

We laid a blank t-shirt down on the base of the press, then the gaming mat on top, and then another t-shirt on top of that, (because we were scared it might melt – these presses are HOT) and activated the press for about 10 seconds.

When we retrieved the gaming mat, to our amazement the wrinkles had gone completely, and we were left with a pristine-looking mat.

So, if you’ve stored your gaming mat badly and have found that it has unwanted wrinkles, this is the solution.  Iron it.

Be careful not to put too much heat into it, and we would recommend that you put old unwanted t-shirts or blankets under and on top of the gaming mat while you iron it so that if it did actually melt, it wouldn’t ruin the iron too.

We probably wouldn’t recommend that you use towels for this protection, as the texture of the towel might transfer to the gaming mat when you iron it, but blankets or t-shirts should be fine.

OK, now for the results in photos:

Here’s the part we didn’t put in the press…




…and here’s the part we did put in the press…




As you can see, the part that we pressed is now completely wrinkle-free and good as new!

So in conclusion, don’t worry if your gaming mat gets wrinkled, as you’ll be able to iron it back into shape as long as you’re careful.


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Space Gaming Mats: Action Shots

X-Wing on Something Geeky space gaming mat

X-Wing On Something Geeky Space Gaming Mats

After hours at Something Geeky HQ, we like nothing better than to let off some steam by playing X-Wing on our very own space gaming mats.

We’ve had a number of people contacting us asking for more photos of games of X-Wing actually being played on our space gaming mats, and so here are a few genuine shots of some of our games that we’ve played in the factory, along with a few staged photos of one of our first prototype mats that we stashed away “incorrectly” a few months ago to test the durability of the mat material.


How not to spend 200 pts

Not long after getting back from Games Expo 2015, I wanted to test out my new ships for X-Wing that I’d bought at the show, and so we decided to have a game one night on one of our enormous and spectacular 6×4 feet “Star Birth” space gaming mats (our usual mat of choice).

Unfortunately my colleague didn’t have his entire Rebel fleet with him, so we decided to go for a 200-point game, which he could just about manage to field.

I had no idea what any of my new ships could do, so I decided I’d just take the most expensive options for all of the new ones and then use the rest of my points the best I could.  This tactic meant that I ended up with only a handful of ships for my 200 points: a Decimator, a TIE Bomber, a TIE Defender, and two TIE Fighters.

Space Gaming Mats: X-Wing: How not to spend 200 points


My colleague’s Rebel fleet on the other hand, was put together using a little more care and consideration than I had exercised, and so he was fielding a YT-2400 freighter, three X-Wings, a Z-95 Headhunter, and an E-Wing at the opposite side of the Star Birth space gaming mat.

Space Gaming Mats: X-Wing: Rebel Scum


After reading that my Decimator had the ability to shield other friendly ships from enemy fire, I decided to begin with an “everybody hide behind the Decimator” tactic.

Unfortunately for me, the Decimator was not nearly as robust as I’d hoped, and so this tactic achieved little other than to prevent my other ships from being involved in the fight until the Decimator was almost dead.

Space Gaming Mats: X-Wing: it's a traaaaaaap


Lessons learned: Don’t try to hide behind the Decimator from the word “go” – it’s a minor feature of an expensive ship, not a tactical lynchpin; also, don’t spend all your points on the most expensive pilots and skills available, or you’re likely to be outswarmed by an enemy that took a more conservative approach to points distribution per ship.

Next time I’ll try the opposite approach, cheap as chips pilots and skills, and try to field as many ships as possible for the points, and go for the biggest swarm of ships I can field.

It definitely felt like I was closer to getting something out of the game the previous time we’d played at the factory on one of our space gaming mats, when I’d fielded four TIE Fighters, two TIE Interceptors and Darth Vader against a very similar Rebel fleet.

Space Gaming Mats: X-Wing: I've got a bad feeling about this


Until next time, Rebel scum!


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Minecraft movie to be directed by Rob McElhenney

  • Rob McElhenney to direct Minecraft movie

Mojang announce Minecraft movie director

Minecraft game developers Mojang today announced that they’ve chosen a director for the forthcoming Minecraft movie.

The director will be Rob McElhenney, best known for his portrayal of Mac in the long-running comedy show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

McElhenney was present at the Minecraft convention Minecon in London a few weeks ago.

The movie is being made by Warner Bros., who also made the LEGO movie, but so far no details have been released as to how the game will translate to film.

Minecraft is a sandbox game, within which players can create their own three-dimensional constructions out of small textured cubes.

Other aspects of the game include resource gathering, exploration and combat, with the game being playable in different modes, chosen by the player.

The Alpha Version of the game was released in 2009, and was gradually improved upon until the eventual release of the full game in 2011.

To date, over 70 million copies of the game have been sold, including 20 million copies of the PC version, making it the biggest-selling PC game in history, and the 3rd best-selling video game of all time.

Minecraft was originally written by Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson, who went on to set up the software company Mojang in May 2009 with money made from the Alpha Version of the game.

In July 2010, PC Gamer magazine listed Minecraft as the 4th best game to play at work.

Since then, Minecraft has gone on to receive a multitude of awards, including the Seumas McNally Grand Prize and community-voted Audience Award at the 2011 Independent Games Festival.

The game developers Mojang, along with all rights to the Minecraft game, were purchased by Microsoft in 2014 for $2.5b USD.

Minecraft is available on a wide range of platforms, incuding PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, XBOX One, XBOX 360, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Windows phone and Linux.

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Geeky Songs for the Discerning Nerd’s Playlist

geeky songs

Geeky Songs

Considering that geeks are the driving force behind technological and scientific advancement, and such avid consumers of sci-fi and fantasy TV shows,  movies, computer games, novels, comics and all their associated merchandise, it is difficult to fathom the reasons why geeks and their areas of interest are so under-represented in the music industry.

Where are all the geeky songs about science, computing, gaming and sci-fi?

Well, the good news is that they do exist, and that there are even artists making a whole career out of geeky songs!

Here is a small selection of some of the best and geekiest geeky songs we know.


Geeky Songs About Science

While there are plenty of well-known artists that might mention science in a song or two, it is often in a very ungeeky way.  Thankfully there are a few seriously scientific geeky artists out there who aren’t afraid to express their scientific knowledge in song.  Here are some of our favourite geeky songs based on science.


 They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants are such a band.  For in excess of 30 years, TMBG have been a prolific surreal alternative band with a fondness for science.  In 1994 they released Why Does The Sun Shine? (The Sun Is A Mass Of Incandescent Gas), an uptempo and verbatim cover of  a 1959 song from a Tom Glazer album, Space Songs, which described in basic terms the science of the sun (at least as far as was known at the time the lyrics had been written).


Due to advancements in scientific knowledge the lyrics became obsolete, so in 2009 on their fourteenth studio album (and fourth “children’s album”) Here Comes Science, TMBG included the song again, but this time followed it with a new song on the same topic, entitled Why Does The Sun Really Shine?



Johnathan Coulton

Johnathan Coulton is a geeky singer-songwriter who releases all of his geeky songs under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license rather than being signed to a label, allowing anyone to use it in their own noncommercial works.  This approach has spawned numerous unofficial music videos for his songs that have gone viral on YouTube.

At the start of his career he spent some time as an opening act for They Might Be Giants live shows, and was famously involved in a dispute with American TV show Glee.

The story goes… In the Glee show, there was a cover version of the Sir Mix-a-Lot song Baby Got Back, but using a melody and adlib lyrics that Coulton had written himself for his own cover years before, without any acknowledgement to Coulton or permission to use his rewritten parts of the song for commercial use.

After receiving an insulting response from the show’s lawyers, Coulton rereleased his own version of the song, renamed Baby Got Back (In The Style Of Glee), which he described as being “a cover of Glee’s cover of my cover of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s song, which is to say it’s EXACTLY THE SAME as my original version” and vowed to donate a certain amount of the proceeds to two Glee-related charities.

Here’s JoCo performing one of his geeky songs, That Spells DNA…



A Capella Science

A Capella Science is is the brainchild of Tim Blais, a physics masters degree graduate who creates science-based geeky songs using only sounds that he makes with his mouth – all drums and other “instruments” that you hear are all just his voice (albeit overdubbed).

With a wealth of science-based geeky songs to choose from, it’s hard to pick only one for a list like this, but everyone likes Bohemian Rhapsody, right?  What about Bohemian Gravity?



Monty Python

Obviously Monty Python need no introduction, having graced our screens since the 1960’s with their original, revolutionary, and oft-since-copied brand of surrealist comedy that forged the careers of members John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Michael Palin, Terry Jones and the late Graham Chapman.

Python caused a bit of a stir with their 1979 movie Life Of Brian, the story of a Jewish man born on the same day as Jesus in the building next door, who is subsequently mistaken for the Messiah.  The movie was banned in a number of countries including Ireland for eight years and Norway for a year, and also by many town councils in the UK.  Some of those UK bans extended into the 21st century, such as in Torbay in Devon, where the ban was only lifted in 2008.

This is Galaxy Song, performed by Eric Idle, one of Python’s more geeky songs, which first appeared in their 1983 movie, The Meaning Of Life



Geeky Songs About Gaming

Gamers, like science geeks, have every right to feel aggrieved at the music industry for the distinct shortage of gaming-related geeky songs available in the mainstream.  Thankfully the Nerdcore Rap genre has its fair share of representatives of this topic, and a few of the bigger MMO games have such large and dedicated communities that music about their favourite games have become subgenres in their own right.


Andrew Volpe

Andrew Volpe is the vocalist/guitarist in alternative rock band Ludo.  In 2012 under his own name he penned this geeky song for gamers, Gaming Ain’t No Game, expressing the passion that many of us have for this so frequently misunderstood pasttime…



MC Frontalot

No geeky songs list would be complete without some MC Frontalot, the Godfather of the Nerdcore Rap scene, and his practically inimitable style of highly punctuated geeky rap.

With six studio albums to his name and lyrics covering geeky topics from retro gaming to TV and movie references, computing, science, role-playing, philosophy and the zombie apocalypse, Front has been at the fore of the geeky music scene since the release of his debut album Nerdcore Rising in 2005.

It Is Pitch Dark is a satirical and philosophical song with heavy references to the Zork text-adventure game series from the earliest days of home computing.  Watch out for the cameo by legendary game designer Steve Maretzky…



MMO Fan Music: EVE Online

EVE Online in a space-based MMO created by Icelandic software company CCP.  The game is infamous in MMO circles for its steep learning curve, providing a level of difficulty that separates the geek from the chaff to cement a dedicated global nerd-heavy fanbase.

Such are the levels of commitment from the playerbase, an entire underground genre of geeky songs has arisen, created by EVE players purely for EVE players.

I could fill an entire article like this one with just EVE-referencing parody cover versions of famous songs, let alone original songs by fans and CCP staff alike. such is the wealth of EVE-related music available on the internet.



Cearul is one of the artists at the forefront of the EVE-fan-written geeky songs scene, having created a number of professional quality parody cover versions of famous songs set in the EVE game-world of New Eden.

Like many aspects of the game itself, the ingame references in the lyrics are almost certain to fly over the heads of anyone that isn’t a hardened EVE player, but even non-players will be able to appreciate the time and effort that have gone into creating geeky songs about this most geeky of online multiplayer games…




Geeky Songs About Computers And Programming

Computers have rarely been seen as sexy topics for songwriters, except for perhaps in a few key moments in the history of the industry.  Still, one or two artists have written some pretty geeky songs about the internet and even about coding, like these…


Jesus Jones

Jesus Jones were an indie/alternative band that were most famous in the late 80’s and early 90’s, who weren’t afraid to utilise the latest music technology into their rock-guitar-laden sound.  One of their earliest hits was the geek anthem Info Freako, a musical manifesto of the singer’s endless desire for more knowledge.

The following song, Zeroes And Ones from their third album Perverse (1993) is one of their more geeky songs, and is a statement of wide-eyed wonder at the birth of the internet and a prophetic vision of how computers were about to change the world forever…



Dale Chase

Dale Chase arrived on the geeky music scene in 2010 with his eclectic album Limit Break, and is known for his in-depth coding-related lyrics and geeky songs that cover a number of geeky topics from TV show Breaking Bad to online content management system WordPress.

Here are a few of Chase’s geeky songs for programmers…



Star Wars

I could hardly write an article about geeky songs without at least giving a mention to Star Wars.  There have been so many geeky songs written about the Holy Trilogy (and those other three movies that we try not to talk about) that the list of songs that reference the Star Wars universe that can be found on one particular Star Wars wiki site is longer than this whole article, and that list doesn’t even mention the wonderful grunge track Chewbacca (What A Wookiee) by Supernova



“Weird Al” Yankovic

Last but not least, the legend that is “Weird Al” Yankovic.  With 14 albums to his name, Weird Al has been prolific in his three decade career of covering famous songs but changing the lyrics either in parody of the original song or to make reference to some hilarity-inducing aspect of modern times.

Occasionally, Weird Al has written some pretty geeky songs, none more so than in the exceptional The Saga Begins, a play-by-play retelling of the story of The Phantom Menace from the point of view of Obi Wan Kenobi…



I hope you enjoyed this article about geeky songs.  Follow us on our Facebook page and our Twitter page, and let us know what your favourite geeky songs are!

Stay geeky!

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X-Wing Playmat and Star Wars Armada Playmat rules and sizes

X-Wing Playmat and Star Wars Armada Playmat Matters

X-Wing playmat

X-Wing Playmat and Star Wars Armada Playmat Sizes

The official tournament rules for Star Wars X-Wing and Star Wars Armada state that the area of play should be 6×3 feet for a Star Wars Armada playmat or 3×3 feet for a Star Wars X-Wing playmat.

In the comfort of their home, many players prefer to use different sizes of X-Wing playmat or Star Wars Armada playmat that better reflect the size of game they are playing and the size of the table onto which they will be placing their space battle mat.

The title image for this article shows a game of X-Wing taking place on a Something Geeky 6×4 X-Wing Playmat, made from a textured PVC material that is less slippery than a standard PVC X Wing play mat.

This larger surface area allows players of the “Fly Casual” variety to field larger fleets and makes it easier to host multiple separate players within a single game, like if you wanted a third player to play Scum And Villainy while the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire are both also part of the engagement, or if you want to play 2v2, 3v3 or even 4v4 encounters.


X-Wing Playmat and Star Wars Armada Playmat Tournament Rules

The official tournament rules for using a third party Star Wars Armada playmat or XWing playmat have changed a number of times.

In March 2015, FFG announced that third party X-Wing playmats and Star Wars Armada playmats would no longer be allowed in tournaments, in case they gave an unfair advantage to a player that was familiar with the particular mat and could judge distances and turning circles based on the layout of the playmat.  The rule didn’t last long.

Within days, the uproar from the fanbase forced FFG to rethink the ruling, and so the official rule for third party space gaming mats in tournaments is now as follows:

In events where players provide their own playmats, only official FFG X-WingTM Playmats are allowed. This is to guarantee a consistent experience for all players and prevent any advantage players may gain from familiarity with a particular playmat that is not widely available. FFG playmats are widely available for examination and play. If a venue provides playmats for their event, they may use third-party playmats. Players may replace third-party playmats if they provide their own FFG playmat to use.” Source: FFG website, Tournament FAQ page.

While many players are still outraged that FFG have given players the option to bring their own FFG X-Wing playmat if they want to automatically veto the venue’s use of third party mats, at least now the tournament organisers no longer have to go out and buy huge numbers of official FFG X-Wing playmats or Star Wars Armada playmats themselves.


X-Wing Playmat and Star Wars Armada Playmat Options

Whatever size of X-Wing playmat or Star Wars Armada playmat you decide is best for your own needs, Something Geeky has a number of spectacular space gaming mat designs that have been cropped artistically to best fit the sizes of playmats that are most sought after by players.

Take the Star Birth X-Wing Playmat design shown in the featured image at the top of this article.  Like all Something Geeky playmats, the Star Birth gaming mat is available in tournament-friendly 3×3 and 6×3 sizes, and also the home-use-only sizes of 4×3, 4×4 and the epic 6×4 shown in that image.


X-Wing Playmats: 3×3

Here are the 3×3 versions of all of the tournament-legal non-FFG third party X-wing playmats that we have available at Something Geeky at the moment. (Click an image to visit the product page for that design).

x-wing playmatX-Wing playmatX-Wing playmat

X-Wing playmatX-Wing playmatX-Wing playmat

X-Wing playmatX-Wing playmatX-Wing playmat



X-Wing Playmats: 4×3

Here are the 4×3 versions of those same designs:

X Wing play matX Wing play matX Wing play mat

X Wing play matX Wing play matX Wing play mat

X Wing play matX Wing play matX Wing play mat


X-Wing Playmats: 4×4

Here are the 4×4 versions of the same designs:

space gaming matspace gaming matspace gaming mat

space gaming matspace gaming matspace gaming mat

space gaming matspace gaming matspace gaming mat


X-Wing Playmats / Star Wars Armada Playmats: 6×3

Here are the tournament-legal 6×3 versions of all of the non-FFG third party Star Wars Armada playmats that we have available at Something Geeky at the moment:

Star Wars Armada playmatstar wars armada playmatstar wars armada playmat

star wars armada playmatstar wars armada playmatstar wars armada playmat

star wars armada playmatstar wars armada playmatstar wars armada playmat


X-Wing Playmats / Star Wars Armada Playmats: 6×4

And finally, here are the epic 6×4 feet versions of the same designs, which we thoroughly recommend for your largest fleet battles:

x-wing playmatX-Wing playmatX-Wing playmat

X-Wing playmatX-Wing playmatX-Wing playmat

X-Wing playmatX-Wing playmatX-Wing playmat


Of course, there are plenty of other space battle tabletop miniatures games that these space gaming mats would be suited to, such as Star Trek Attack Wing, Battlefleet Gothic, and Firestorm Armada, so whatever your space battle game of choice, we hope you’ll enjoy playing on one of our lovingly-created space gaming mats as much as we do ourselves!


Stay geeky!



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