Geeky tshirts best sellers update!

Just a quick update about our expanding range of geeky tshirts!

Here’s a couple of our current best seller geeky tshirts from our main site, Something Geeky!

Gotta got to space Portal 2 t-shirtGotta Go To Space – Portal 2 inspired tshirt!

This is one of our popular geeky gaming t-shirts. It’s the space sphere from Portal 2, with the phrase ‘Gotta Go To Space’ on the right side! This is an unofficial Portal 2 inspired t-shirt.

See all of our inspired Portal 2 tshirts!

Not working tshirt - I'm not working because it is rendering!I am not working, because it’s rendering t-shirt!

This is a t-shirt for all the 3D model developers or those involved in game, film or TV CGI. It simply states, ‘I am not working, because it’s RENDERING’, which the emphasis heavily on the ‘rendering’ part. 😛

We’ve got a quite a few I am not working t-shirts, with some geeky excuses such as ‘uploading’ for the web developers and ‘compiling’ for those working on the really big compiled projects. 🙂

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