A Level results day! Nervous?

So today, hundreds and thousands of students are about to take their next step. Is it to university, an apprenticeship, or perhaps straight into the world of work? Yes folks, it’s that time again, it is A Level results day.

You’ve probably had a restless nights sleep, maybe you needed to go to the toilet several times, or you may have been a bit sick right before you opened your envelope or logged on to see if you had received the most important letter of your life.

So what did the results hold for you? Maybe they were everything you hoped for and more and your now off to your first choice University and are currently not reading this blog, instead you are in a beer garden celebrating with your mates (fair play). However if the results weren’t what you thought they were going to be, do not fret, Something Geeky is here to help! Firstly log onto @somethinggeeky, some nice lady from UCAS will tell you all about clearing. Next, treat yourself to one of our lovely mugs, everyone needs their own mug in their workplace/university kitchen/office. And lastly, though you may think it is the end of your life, it really isn’t. As one door closes, another one always opens. So go out and celebrate with your friends! Enjoy your last few weeks of Summer because come September it will be all hard work and no play (yeah right). Congratulations!

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