Just be cool with me…Or Geeks… Or Nerds…

It would seem that a change is a coming… It is apparently now COOL, yes that’s right folks COOL, to be a geek or a nerd. Now call us bias but we have always thought that we were pretty cool, we are passionate about our products and even more so about our uber Something Geeky fans!

Some campaigners however have gone that one step further and decided that the words nerd and geek should lose their derogatory meaning. The word geek and nerd has now become acceptable with people listing their attributes on dating sites as ‘nerdy’ and ‘geeky’,  and the emergence of nerd power couples such as Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter have also helped the cause. Being a geek is now something to show off, with the New Scientist magazine suggesting of the US election campaign that you shouldn’t hire pundits, you should hire geeks.

We at Something Geeky could not be happier about this fact, so why not shout out about it… Be Geeky, Be Proud!

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