Kids Geeky t-shirts for the Little Geeks!

Something Geeky is happy to announce that a couple of our popular t-shirts have now arrived on our partner site Kids T-shirts. So what kids tshirts are available for your little geeks, you ask? I’ll tell you…

Zombie Robot Pirate Ninja Kids Geeky T-ShirtKids Robot Pirate Ninja Zombie geek t-shirt!

It’s our funky and completely unique Robot Pirate Ninja Zombie geek tshirt design, now available for your little geeks.

Take a look at the Robot Pirate Ninja Zombie geek t-shirt for kids or for adults.

Kids Space Invader tshirtKids Space Invader geeky t-shirt!

Space invaders was a big game in its time, and now its available on a little geek t-shirt. If you’ve got a kid who is already a video game addict, this may be the tshirt he or she needs!

Grab this Space Invader t-shirt for kids or for adults.


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