Special Comic Con Promotion

You lucky people!

Would you like to help SomethingGeeky get some exposure at Comic Con while earning yourself a tasty SomethingGeeky discount?

Then we have a special promotion just for you.

Step 1:  Buy any product from and send us proof you’re going to Comic Con (a photo of your ticket will suffice) to along with your name and address and the order number for your purchase.

Step 2: We will then send you a FREE SomethingGeeky Robot t-shirt with your order, for you to wear at Comic Con.

Wear the SomethingGeeky Robot with pride!

SomethingGeeky Robot T-Shirt

Step 3: Take a photo of yourself wearing the SomethingGeeky Robot t-shirt AT Comic Con and send the photo to

Step 4.  That’s it!  You will now get 20% off your next SomethingGeeky order!

You even get to keep the SomethingGeeky Robot T-shirt afterwards!


Stay Geeky!


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